Towing & Payload Capacity Of Volkswagen Tiguan SUVs

 Can the VW Tiguan tow? You bet! Gunther Volkswagen Delray is here to take you through the ins and outs of towing, as well as your 2018-2021 VW Tiguan towing capacity. In the following article, we'll tell you about the years, equipment, and Volkswagen Tiguan towing capacity stats that you need to know in order to get the job done. Let's say you don't have a VW Tiguan yet and are considering trading up from your VW Jetta. You can do a bit of research here and then easily shop VW Tiguan SUVs to pick your favorite.

Tiguan Towing Capacity & Specs

For starters, the generation we're talking about is the most recent one from 2018-2021. These models are equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine that produces 184HP and 221 lb-ft of torque. 4Motion AWD is recommended as this helps for overall tracking and stability. Our technicians will also need to install the factory tow kit that includes all hardware and electronics necessary for proper trailering. Your 8-speed automatic transmission is geared for plenty of low-end grunt so that you can pull the rated 1500lbs with ease. Your VW Tiguan towing capacity is the same across all model-trims.

Towing CapacityPayload
20211500 lbs.1,146 lbs.
20201500 lbs.1,146 lbs.
20191500 lbs.1,213 lbs.
20181500 lbs.1,336 lbs.
20181500 lbs.1,470 lbs.

Know Before You Tow in South Florida (Or Anywhere Else)

Thankfully, Florida is flat. Overcoming that initial heft to get rolling is much easier than places where you might be staring up the incline of a mountainous switchback. But whether you drive over mountains, rolling hills, or coastal stretches, there are some useful tips for towing with your VW Tiguan that you need to know for a safe towing experience.

  • Have a pair of good work gloves. This often disregarded tip can save your hands from scrapes and pinches (or even worse) if trailering equipment gets the better of you while latching/unlatching.
  • Anticipate your route. Thinking about the road ahead will prep you for turns, hills, and maneuvers that you will need to make.
  • Hot brakes fail. While your VW Tiguan is up to the task, vehicles with much heavier tow ratings all make common practice of engine braking. Thanks to your Tiptronic transmission, you can upshift, and downshift, to control gear states. Before you tow, practice slowing down by shifting into lower gears. This technique is called engine braking because you are using the revolutions of the engine to slow the vehicle's progress. In hilly areas and on long hauls, this technique can save your life in an emergency.
  • Left is right, and right is left. If it's your first time towing, you'll likely spend a few frustrating moments trying to park your trailer while going in reverse. Your trailer will not turn in the direction you intend. While in reverse, if you want your trailer to go left, turn your wheel to the right. The same goes for the opposite. When in doubt, remember: Right is left, and left is right!
  • Keep to the right. This is where you and your mighty compact VW Tiguan will need to pretend like you're a big-rig. You'll be moving slower. You will take longer to pass. Longer to slow down. Longer to see traffic around you. You're rolling like a big-rig now, so act like one. Take your time.
  • Have some fun. Now that you're a VW Tiguan Trucker, you might as well sound like one. You can say things to your passengers like, "We gotta keep a double nickel on our way to Cigar City, so we don't use up too much go-go juice." This translates from "trucker" into English as, "We'll go 55mph on our way to Tampa, so we don't burn too much fuel."

There's nothing quite like exploring the full capabilities of your premium VW Tiguan family vehicle. Get out there and enjoy everything that your busy lifestyle has to offer!

What Exactly Does 1500lbs Look Like

Great question! For some perspective, light military vehicles in WWII had the same tow capacity. Not that you'll be towing wounded troops, mortars, or surface-to-air artillery any time soon, but it's a good frame of reference to see that 1500lbs is actually a lot. You can tow things like:

  • Small watercraft such as canoes, jet skies, and swamp-cruisers
  • Dirtbikes, ATVs, quads, and snowmobile
  • A motorcycle
  • An adventure trailer
  • Teardrop campers
  • A grand piano
  • A '68 VW Bus (cut in half)

Never tow more than the recommended rating. Your vehicle is not designed to handle the excessive weight and you can compromise all system components such as steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and hydraulics. Remember, you want your towing experience to be easy on the eights. That's "trucker" for "a pleasant trip." Keep in mind that your max payload (this is what goes INSIDE your VW Tiguan) is about 1200lbs depending on accessories and equipment.

Gunther Volkswagen Delray Keeps the Hammer Down

Your team of tow specialists at Gunther will help you make sure your vehicle is properly equipped so that you can tow safely and enjoyably. Our parts department has the equipment you need on hand, and our service specialists can have you in and out and on your way in no time. Lastly, if you're missing the most essential piece of equipment in this whole scenario, you might want to view Tiguan lease offers before you do anything else. So maybe you'll wanna back off the hammer now, two-eyed rooster ratchet, and get into a seat-roller that's right for you! Happy towing!

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