What Does The Atlas Cross Sport R-Line Trim Level Offer?

Atlas Cross Sport R-Line Trims

As the performance-focused, athletic take on the Volkswagen Atlas, the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line is ready to blow you away in every sense of the word. Do you want mind-boggling power? It's yours. Do you want tech that effortlessly thrusts you into the future? It's only a touch away. Do you want safety features that give you the ultimate peace of mind wherever you are? You're all set in the Atlas Cross Sport R-Line. If you opt for our Atlas Cross Sport lease deals, your wallet will be set, too. Come take a glance at what you're in for with the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line.

From South Florida to Alaska: Built To Inspire, Wherever You Are

There's no need to wait for your vacation days to accrue. With everything that the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line and VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line Premium have in store, you'll have a vacation already waiting for you in your driveway. Need a minute away from the kids? Find excitement in more than just the well-made interior with tons of power just waiting for your guiding hand. Want to take the scenic route home to unwind after a particularly hellish day at work? The smooth handling and impressive fuel economy of the 2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line will be your guiding hand toward a more peaceful mental state. Ready to dive into the details? Let's go!

Atlas Cross Sport R-Line 0-60 & More Power Specs

We know this is an SUV and not a sports car, but that doesn't mean it can't impress in all the same ways a sports car does. The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport R-Line and its sister car, the VW Atlas, have both been powerful and impressive since their inception. This means that not only will your latest model years impress, but any variant in our selection of the used Atlas will wow you, too.

The SEL R-Line comes standard with a 3.6L V6 engine that's mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic. It can go 0-60 in 8.7 seconds. The SEL Premium R-Line with the 3.6L six-cylinder engine decreases that number a bit to just 8.2 seconds. The SE with Technology R-Line can hit the mark in just 7.2 seconds with the turbocharged engine option.

VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line Interior

Whether you want the Cross Sport to be your home away from home or you're looking for that super comfy vacation in your driveway that we mentioned earlier, there are interior options that are perfect for you. On the basic SEL R-Line trim, you can choose from three color combinations: Stone Blue and Titan Black, Titan Black, or Dark Beige and Titan Black.

For the room and dimensions, you can seat five passengers and fit up to 77.8 cubic feet of cargo in your vehicle when the rear seats are folded. Otherwise, you can still fit a hefty 40.3 cubic feet inside. There's plenty of headroom, legroom, and shoulder room to go around, so load up the crew or go at it alone and enjoy seemingly infinite space all to yourself.


Everyone has fallen in love with the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line models, but a few questions still arise about this sister model to the VW Atlas. For all of you who are looking for a TL;DR section, here are quick snippets of what you need to know most about this model.

How much is the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line?

The VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line price will differ depending on the trim you get and the features you add. As a basis, here are the trims currently available to select from:

  • SE with Technology R-Line
  • SEL R-Line
  • SEL Premium R-Line

What is the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line?

R-Line denotes a more powerful version of the model we know and love. Most Volkswagen models have an R-Line trim model that offers enhanced performance and power, such as the VW Tiguan R-Line.

Is the Atlas Cross Sport R-Line AWD?

Yes! 4MOTION® AWD is available on VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line configurations. This gives you increased handling and control over the powerful engine options.

How fast is the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line?

Some sources say the VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line can hit a top speed of 116 MPH. Care to test that for yourself (where it's legal, of course)?

Cross Over to the Exciting Side of SUVs

The VW Atlas Cross Sport R-Line trim offers excitement at every turn. Take the wheel and enjoy a ride the likes of which you've never experienced. Don't just think about getting one. Take your commute, your errands, and your life into your own hands and get a VW Atlas Cross Sport today.

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