Where Is The VW Radio Code Located?

Gunther VW Radio Pin Code location

The radio and navigation systems are very important interfaces for those with commutes all over Delray Beach, Florida. We understand how important it is to access radio pin codes with ease, especially for new Volkswagen vehicles.

We are going to help you explore the different reasons why your vehicle is in safe mode and how to find your VW radio PIN code. If you need assistance, read on!

How to Access Your Radio PIN Code

To locate your Radio PIN Code, you'll need two things:

  • Radio Serial Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Once you have this information, contact your local Volkswagen dealer and request the PIN for free. As long as you have the two numbers listed above and proof of vehicle ownership, they will provide you with the Radio PIN code free of charge. This procedure is generally noted in the owner's manual.

How to Locate the Radio Serial Number:pulling radio out to find vw pin code

You'll want to remove the radio to find the serial code, which is either on the side or top of the radio. Ultimately, you'll need the serial code to find the radio PIN, so this step is important. To properly remove the radio, you can purchase radio removal keys that fit your radio.

If you do not have any VW radio keys, you can find them online via Amazon ($10) or eBay ($5). You can also reach out to your service center about their available parts. The kit will come with two 'Left' keys and two 'Right' keys. To remove the radio, push the key into the notch until it clicks and repeat for the next key.

Once you pop the radio out, you will see the radio serial number. Sometimes, Volkswagen engineers also include the 4-digit radio pin with the radio serial number. If you see the 4-digit number, you have saved yourself a phone call to your dealer!

Once you've extracted the information you need, you can remove the radio keys by pressing the side of the radio where they are locked in. Press on the metal while pulling out the key and they will pop out.

Gently push your radio back in without pressing any buttons.

How to Locate Your VIN:

With the exception of vehicles designed before 1981, every vehicle should have the VIN bar code somewhere. Many manufacturers put the VIN on the inside of the driver's door or the driver's side of the dashboard.

Volkswagen engineers frequently put the VIN on the driver's side door jam, beneath the windshield, on the steering column or by the firewall.

Reasons Why Your Car Went into Safe Mode

Recent Battery Maintenance

If you recently had your battery replaced without putting a battery maintainer on it or if your battery has recently died, you might receive a radio error.


The radio code could also be needed when the radio goes into safe mode. Safe mode is a security feature that is meant to divert burglaries. The thief would have to disconnect the battery from the radio to successfully steal it. An interrupted power supply implies a burglary scenario.

This is one way that the error might appear on your interface:

What to Do When You Find Your VW Radio PIN Code

The screen will direct you to enter a Radio pin code in some form or fashion, which is required to get out of safe mode. If you enter the incorrect code more than two times, the system will lock you out.

Your owner's manual might suggest three times; however, many car owners have reported safe mode kicking them out after as little as two tries. So be wary of entering the incorrect code the first time.

Once you have pushed your radio back into the vehicle and retrieved your code, use the knobs to enter the Radio PIN Code and get your VW radio out of safe mode.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to discuss further service options with a team that cares, get in touch with our service center in South Florida.

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